How to Handle the Insurer and Still Get Paid after an Accident

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It's important for vehicle accident victims to understand that they have an adversarial relationship with the other driver's insurer. If the other driver is at fault for the accident, they are not on your side even if they appear to be decent, polite people. To find out how you should be dealing with the other driver's insurer to protect your rights to compensation, read on.

They Will Contact You

The more likely it is that their client was at fault for the accident, the sooner the other side will contact you. If they have your phone number, they will call you. If not, they will send you a letter asking you to call them. They will ask you to talk to them about the insurance claim. However, they will be asking you about a lot more.

Why Are They Contacting You?

While most insurance claim representatives will say that they are just collecting information so that they can process the claim, they have an ulterior motive. After all, they have access to the accident report that was filed with law enforcement and that report contains everything they could possibly want to know about the accident. The report has information about your insurance policy, how the accident occurred, and a lot more.

The claims adjuster for the at-fault driver is beginning the process of settling the case, even though that is not what they say in the beginning. In many cases, an offer may be made to you before you get off the phone with them. They may ask you how much time you have lost from work, how much you make, and for a summary of your injuries. That information is not on the police report, but they will use it to tender an initial offer to you. How should accident victims handle this type of thing?

Speak to a Lawyer

You don't have to deal with the insurer alone. You may accidentally say something to the claims adjuster that you did not mean or that can be taken out of context. Anything you say is recorded and could be used against you later. Take the safe route and get a personal injury lawyer on your side right away. They will inform the other driver's insurer that you are being represented and everything must pass through the law office.

Your lawyer knows how much information they need to know and how to protect your rights to compensation. They also know how much money you should be paid and can negotiate for it when the time comes. Speak to a car wreck lawyer in your area before answering questions. Let your lawyer do the speaking for you.