Three Reasons To Consult With An Attorney After A Minor Injury In A Car Accident

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If you were in a traffic accident that was caused by another driver, and this accident caused an injury that was not severe, you may still need to consult with a lawyer. You may not think much of the injury at the time. Perhaps you have a cut that required two or three stitches; you're willing to shake it off and get on with your life. Contacting an attorney may not feel necessary at the time, but you need to think about this. The following are three reasons you should speak to an attorney. 

A minor injury may impact your paycheck

Even though your injury was not serious, it may still cost you time off from work. This can often be the case with injuries to the fingers. The simple act of typing on a keyboard may not be possible until your injury has completely healed. And since your injury did not occur during the course of your job, your employer's insurance for workers' compensation will not pay you for time lost. You will need compensation from another source, namely, the other driver's insurance policy.

The insurance company is giving you the run-around

You filed a claim for compensation, but it seems as if the insurance company is not processing the claim, or they are taking an unnecessary amount of time doing so. This is a common tactic by insurance companies. If they believe the claim is too small to warrant cutting a check, or they think the claim is frivolous. A lawyer will always get more attention from an insurance company, and your lawyer will understand the importance of your case.

The other driver was uninsured

If the driver that caused your injuries did not have insurance, you may believe that there is no hope for compensation, but you still need to contact an attorney. It may be a situation where the driver has the means to compensate you. Although large settlements will usually require insurance coverage, many smaller settlements can be paid from the personal assets of the driver. In some cases, it may be the car owner and the driver, when they are two different people.

If you have been in a traffic accident that was the other driver's fault, and this accident resulted in one or more minor physical injures, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for your injury in ways unrelated to medical costs, such as missed time from work. If your claim seems easy to process, and an insurance company is unresponsive, a lawyer can often expedite matters. He or she may also be able to get compensation when the driver is uninsured.

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