Tips For Your Wrongful Death Case Against The Police

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Did you recently lose a loved one who was shot or otherwise killed during an encounter with the police or some other official source of authority? You will have a long road ahead of you if you intend to file a wrongful death suit, but you should also know that it is possible to come out of this situation with the justice you seek. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind when filing a wrongful death case against the authorities:

Keep Your Emotions in Check

First things first, you surely already understand that the police or whichever official source of authority you are going after will likely not take kindly to a wrongful death claim. It is critically important during the immediate aftermath of the incident to try and keep your emotions in check. Lashing out or making threats in any way is likely only going to make the situation worse for you and your family.

Hire an Attorney

It's highly likely the police or local city you are suing will be doing everything they can to defend themselves from your suit. If you want to make it a fair fight, you can't go into this process alone. A wrongful death lawyer can help you hone in on the exact steps you should take to maximize your chances of success. Having a lawyer on your side will prevent you from being intimidated or pushed around by the expensive lawyers the city is likely to employ.

Get Public Opinion on Your Side

For best results with a wrongful death case involving the police, it can help if you can publicize your case and get the general public on your side. No police department or city likes bad press and if it's clear that a mistake might have been made, you will have a better chance of getting a settlement as the police or city attempt to keep the case out of court.

Video evidence of the incident could be key. If the death of your loved one occurred near local businesses, there might be security footage available. Many police departments also now use body or dash cams and might have video of the incident themselves. A good lawyer can help you obtain a copy of this evidence which you can then use to turn the tide of the case.

Even with all of that said, any time you go after the police, you can expect an uphill battle. Talk to an wrongful death lawyer today to discuss your chances of success before you move forward.