In A Car Accident And Don't Have Health Insurance? Get An Attorney

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When you've been engaged in a car accident, one would normally depend on health insurance to pay for medical bills. However, if you're not currently covered by health insurance, paying your medical bills could be more difficult for you. In this case, you should get a personal injury attorney to help you explore better options rather than shouldering all of your expenses and suffering unnecessary financial consequences.

Med Pay Coverage

One of your best options, when you've been involved in a car accident that somebody else was at fault, is "med pay." If the other person involved in the accident has this type of insurance, it is possible for you to file a claim, use their med pay coverage if it has not been maxed out, and even hold them responsible for the remainder of your medical bill. Consult your personal injury attorney to prove the negligence of the other party and to check their med pay coverage.

No-Fault Auto Insurance

Otherwise, you can also claim for no-fault auto insurance, but only if you live in states imposing no-fault state. It does not matter who's at fault in these states when claiming for auto insurance. Regardless of whether you're at fault or not, you can claim against your own insurance. Even if you don't have health insurance to pay for your medical bills, you can claim for your auto insurance company to help you pay a medical bill in case of an automobile accident. Your personal injury attorney can help you approach your auto insurance policy to replace health insurance.


If you are not able to afford private health insurance, Medicaid could be your next best option. It is a federal-sponsored insurance program that provides medical coverage for individuals who can't afford private health insurance and are identified qualified by state agencies. If approved, you will be eligible for medical coverage and can even reimburse some of the medical expenses that you have incurred in the past.

Other Payment Arrangements

Lastly, your personal injury attorney can also help you set up payment arrangements with your healthcare provider. This is your best option if you're receiving treatment from a medical professional specializing in injuries related to automobile accidents and other personal injury cases. In case of personal injury lien, as set up by your attorney and medical care provider, you will reimburse some of your medical expenses at the end of the case.

Keep in mind that legal advice can help you choose the best alternative that you can get in the absence of private health insurance. So, do not delay hiring a law office like Bennett  Law Firm PC.