Did Your Parent Just Pass Away And Your Siblings Are Trying To Steal Belongings? Get A Lawyer Fast

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If your parent has passed and they didn't have a will, you want to start moving quickly to take action to become the administrator of the estate. If you are worried that one of your siblings will try to become the administrator because they want to be in control, so they can take anything that they want, and they can't be trusted, you have to take action fast. There are many cases that end up in the hands of the state every day, and you don't want this to happen to you. Talk with a lawyer about these things:

Getting the Application Filed Immediately

You want to get the application filed to become the administrator of the estate as quickly as you can get in contact with a lawyer. Find a probate dispute lawyer in your area that specializes in these types of cases, and that can get the case moving fast. You want to be the first person to get an application in for your family.

Protecting Certain Items

If there are certain family heirlooms or items that you fear one of your siblings will try to steal, or that they will try to take right away, make sure that you talk with the lawyer about getting that item protected. You may have to file an emergency court order to have it taken into the hands of the court and then later granted to someone or to the executor of the estate.

Legal Options

Ask the lawyer if you can change the locks on the doors, add security, or anything else that you can try to do because you don't want items to go missing. The items in the house may have to be sold to cover some of the debts from the estate. If the person was renting, you may have to get those items out of the property and get them into a storage unit as soon as possible.

There are a lot of things that happen when someone passes away, and if you think that you are going to have problems with your siblings then you want to file for legal control right away. If you know they will try to sell things or that they will steal things from your parents' estate, these are problems that could be bad for the estate down the road. Talk with a lawyer and find out what you can do now and make sure everything is filed promptly.