Accident Aftermath: What To Do

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A simple trip to the supermarket or to a relative's house could be derailed by a vehicle accident. Unexpectedly dealing with car repairs, hospital or doctor bills and other issues connected to this event can leave you feeling upset and irritated. Your thoughts could be primarily related to getting life back in order, but you should also be considering the following.

Calling Police

During all the drama of the accident and its immediate aftermath, it's not unusual if you never got around to calling the police. This is usually something which occurs if the accident was minor or one of the people involved doesn't want to wait around. You may have been thinking you've missed your chance to contact the police if you're thinking about it after returning home. However, you should still contact the police no matter how much time has lapsed.

A skilled officer can ask you relevant, vital questions and create a vehicle accident report. This document can be invaluable to you if you take additional actions later. They might also contact other parties involved and make inquiries about possible witnesses.

Keeping Notes

Your memory and your ability to recall various details could be extraordinary. However, relying on only your personal memory could cause trouble when completing various insurance claims or starting a lawsuit. The police report will describe what happened, but it's possible that as days pass you recall other things. Keep constant notes so that you can turn them into your lawyer or other professionals later.

Avoiding Contact

If you exchanged information with the other driver as you should have done, making contact could be a desire. You may imagine that the other party is reasonable and may want to work out bills and other details between you, or you might just be angry and want to vent a bit. This could not be a worse idea. Steer clear and don't make any contact without clearing it with an attorney beforehand. Contact could only lead to additional troubles that you'll have to deal with as part of this entire event.

Reaching out to accident attorneys at this time could very well be the next move you want to make after the vehicle accident you've had. Be sure to research many in the area and do a few consultations. That action will enable you to select among those professionals a true partner in the days which follow.

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