4 Ways To Prove Your Case After A Car Accident

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Being involved in an auto collision is certain to be one of the most devastating times in life. This can affect you physically, emotionally and financially, as well. It's important to work diligently to recover your financial losses as quickly as possible and work on getting well again. You may need to take legal action to get this done and if so, there are several steps to civil litigation you should know. The discovery stage is the time to prove your case, and you should provide a great deal of information during each of the four parts.

Written interrogatories

You will be required to answer a series of no more than 25 questions, and these are referred to as the written interrogatories. The purpose of this document is to get the full details of the case in order to determine who is legally right.

It's important for the outcome of your case to provide accurate and thorough, detailed responses to build the strongest case possible.

The Deposition

This is the time when you must meet with the opposing parties' attorney and answer a series of questions. You must be sworn in beforehand to ensure you provide accurate answers to any questions you're asked.

Additionally, be sure to have your lawyer with you at this meeting. There will be a court reporter present who will transcribe the entire deposition.

Request for Admissions

Being able to get to the basis of the lawsuit is important, and will require just the facts to be presented. This is the reason you will need to either admit or deny the request for admissions during the discovery stage. These could shorten the amount of time your case is in court if it goes this far.

Request for Production Documents

Do you have medical bills that must be paid or wages lost because of time missed from work? If so, you should have the necessary documents to turn in showing you are owed this amount of money. Take the time to get these items together and you will have a better chance of recovering your losses.

Dealing with a car accident can be overwhelming, and it may take some time to recover fully. The first thing you will want to do is to regain your financial losses and get on with your life.  Be sure to work with a car accident attorney who can assist you with this legal process.

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