Hurt Driving For Work? Get A Lawyer If They Don't Want To Pay

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If you were driving around for work and you were hurt in a car accident, but your employer doesn't want to provide you with worker's compensation, you need to hire an attorney. If the employer is saying that accident was your fault and not relevant to you being on the road for your job, you should fight those excuses.

The workers compensation lawyer will look through the accident statements and your work contract to see what you are eligible for, and what type of action to take. Here are a few things to bring for your lawyer.

Police Report

Was there a police report that states what happened during the accident? Were you cited? The lawyer is going to look at everything to see if the citations or tickets could possibly be thrown out, because you weren't at fault. Even if you were to blame, the reason you were on the road was for your job, and you should still qualify for compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

Employment Contract

Did you sign any type of contract that said the company you work for isn't eligible for anything that happens to you when you are on the road? If not, they need to pay you. You should be able to get a copy of the contract you signed from your employer, so they can go through it. If they aren't willing to give it to you, your lawyer will have to get a court order to get the papers.

Medical Bills

Not only should you get compensation for the time that you have to miss work because of your injuries, but all of the medical expenses as a result of the accident should be paid for as well. Print out copies of all the medical bills from the day of the accident to the day you are meeting with your lawyer. Future expense projections and a statement from your physician explaining why you can't work are needed as well.

If you were traveling because of something you had to do for work, and your employer is trying to say that you don't deserve to be compensated because of what happened, you need to meet with a lawyer to explore all of your options. Your employer could choose to settle outside of court, but you may end up having to go in front of a judge.

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