3 Vital Things An Auto Accident Attorney Will Assist You In If Your Crash Is Staged

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Being involved in any crash isn't a pleasant thing. A staged one may even be more complex because the scammers may want to recover compensation from your insurer and hold you accountable for the incident. You'll be left with expensive healthcare bills and other monetary damages to take care of, not to mention increased premiums. If you don't want to accept liability for something you aren't responsible for, contact an auto accident attorney. They'll conduct investigations to unravel the accountable driver's plot and file a lawsuit against them. Here are three key things they'll handle for you:

Gathering Evidence

You should understand the types of staged crashes a scammer can use if you want to increase your chances of winning your claim. However, knowing them may be challenging if you don't have proof and a legal professional's assistance. Scammers can stage collisions in various ways, including swooping and squatting so you rear-end them, side-swiping you, or hitting the side of your vehicle.

An auto accident attorney can prove to the court or an insurer that you're innocent and get you reimbursed. They'll gather proof from surveillance footage, photos of the crash scene, police reports, and eyewitness statements to show how these individuals staged the incident. If found liable, they'll be compelled to compensate you, and they may spend some years behind bars for their actions. 

Communicating With Insurers

Recovering settlements for staged collisions can be challenging because no one is ready to accept responsibility for the incident. An insurer may also side with the scammer to deny your claim or partly blame you for the responsibility. The good news is that a crash attorney can advocate for your rights and ensure you receive what you rightly deserve. They'll work with fraud investigative agencies to uncover the lie underneath the liable driver's claim and convince their insurer that they controlled the whole incident to gain an advantage over you. If these arguments are reasonable and supported by physical evidence, you'll be awarded a maximum settlement to help you pay for your damages. 

Determining Your Claim's Worth

Knowing how much you need to pay for your losses and injuries can be challenging if you're focusing on healing. Besides, you may not know the details you need to include to help you obtain the correct reimbursement. Attorneys deal with collision claims daily and can help you get a proper settlement for your losses. They'll examine your medical records and other documents to determine the amount required for treatment and repairing your vehicle. 

If you're involved in a staged rash, you shouldn't go through the legal process alone. Auto accident attorneys can assist you and ensure the culprits are held accountable for their actions. Reach out to a firm such as Hamilton Law Firm, P.C. to learn more.