Visas To Bring A Fiance From Abroad To The United States

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If you are in love with an individual from another country, then you may want them to move to the USA under a visa. This is an issue that can be addressed by a family immigration attorney, and you can speak with this professional about one of several types of visas. If you want to know more about a few of them, then keep reading.

Fiance Visa

One of the more traditional types of visas that you can apply for is called the fiance visa. The visa, also called a K-1 visa, allows your fiance to travel to the United States for 90 days. And, within this 90 days, you must get married or your significant other must leave the country. This timeframe is like that of a travel visa, but the K-1 process provides a direct route or plan for a green card. Green card applications along with work visas can be applied for directly after the wedding.

The fiance visa is a process that can take several years. Documents must be filled out properly that include police records, affidavits, and evidence of an existing relationship. Evidence includes pictures, travel receipts, and witness statements of the relationship with at least one to two in-person visits within a two-year period. 

One of the most difficult, and final, parts of the K-1 process is the immigration interview. An immigration lawyer can help with the possible questions that may be asked and how to answer them to ensure approval.

The K-3 Visa

If you do not want to go through the process of applying for the K-1 visa, then you have the option of marrying your fiance in their home country. Then, you can apply for a K-3 visa so they can get a green card in the United States. The process for this is much simpler and may not require the same sort of background checks, fees, and waiting period. It is an excellent choice if you do not intend on coming back to the United States until the visa process is over. 

If you want to move to the United States immediately, then you should think about getting a spousal green card. This allows your new spouse to enjoy citizenship status within a short period of time, which also allows for the work visa.

Fees vary between the spousal green card and the K-3 visa process. Speak with an immigration attorney, like The Law Office of John M. Bray, PLLC, to find out more about what might be best for your unique situation.