3 Essential Qualities Of An Uncontested Divorce

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In many cases, a couple that decides to get divorced makes this decision based on years of not getting along. While this is the norm, there are also couples who are able to decide to get divorced without the fighting, bickering, and angry feelings towards each other. If you and your spouse want to get divorced and are able to push all your anger and emotions aside, you might be able to get an uncontested divorce. This type is much easier, faster, and more affordable, and here are three of the most essential qualities needed in an uncontested divorce.

The couple is able to discuss issues

An uncontested divorce is basically a divorce without the fighting. For this to occur, a couple must be able to discuss issues together. Both spouses must be willing to talk about things and handle all the issues in a mature, kind manner. If you believe that you and your spouse are able to do this, you could pursue an uncontested divorce.

The couple wants the best for everyone involved

The second essential quality of couples who use uncontested divorces is that both spouses involved want to choose the best route for everyone involved. Instead of each person fighting to get the most for him or herself, the couple discusses all issues and looks for a solution that would be the best for everyone. This not only includes themselves, but the couple also looks out for their kids, friends, and family members.

The couple makes an agreement together

The third essential quality of an uncontested divorce that the couple is able to reach an agreement on all issues together. The couple may have to reach agreements on the house, debts, and assets. They may have to work out custody issues, child support, and spousal support payments. These are some of the biggest issues in divorce, and a couple must be able to reach agreements on all these things if they want an uncontested divorce. If they cannot, they would have to leave the fight to their attorneys and the judge who handles the case.

If you feel that you and your spouse have these qualities and can work together towards one goal, you will still need to hire a divorce lawyer for your case, but you can expect the divorce to be much easier on everyone involved. To learn more, talk to a divorce firm who specializes in uncontested divorce services, such as Ritter & LeClere APC Attorneys At Law.