Did You Get Run Off The Road And Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want To Pay? Get Legal Help Now

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If you were involved in an accident where someone cut you off or forced you off the road, and then took off, and your insurance doesn't want to pay, it's time to get a car accident attorney. If your car accident caused a lot of damage to your automobile, you were injured badly, and it was the same scenario as a hit and run, you need to fight back.

 If your insurance is trying to say that you drove recklessly and they don't have to cover everything, you want to fight. Don't let your insurance company get away without having to pay for the insurance that they agreed to provide you. Here are some things to do.

Try to Find the Other Vehicle

If this incident took place somewhere in a city or town, there could have been some cameras that recorded the reckless driving. There could be a camera at a stop light, business security system, or an ATM machine that has the incident documented, and then you can go after the driver to pay for the accident, and to make a claim against. There may also be eye witnesses at the local business as to the description of the vehicle, or that it did take place.

Use Your Date Recorder Box

There is a recording box in most vehicles that would have recorded all of the data to report what your vehicle was doing at the time of the accident. So this may show that you were going the speed limit at the time of the accident, that you were wearing your safety belt, and even if you had to  brae suddenly or swerve.

Show Data and Phone Records

The auto insurance company may be assuming that you were distracted beause you were on your phone. If you can, pull up the cell phone records and talk with your phone provider to prove that you weren't on the phone or using data at the time.

These are just some of the things that your lawyer will do to show that you weren't the one that caused the accident, and that the auto insurance provider has to pay. Don't let your auto insurance company deny your claim, or spend months reviewing it before they give you an answer. Instead, get a legal professional on your side to help with the processing you claim and getting the funds that you desperately need.