Worried About Your Next Case? 3 Reasons You Need A Mock Jury

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When it comes to trial, you've got one opportunity to sway the jury to your way of thinking. If you fail to do that, you fail to win your case. Not only does that ruin your track record, it also ruins your clients life. When lives are on the line, you need to know that you're putting your best face forward, and presenting the best representation for your client. Unfortunately, you can't call the jury in for a practice session. However, that doesn't mean you can't practice. That's where a mock jury comes in handy. When you utilize a mock jury, you get the practice you need to make sure you get everything right in court, when it matters the most. Here are three reasons you need to use a mock jury.

Lets You Work on Your Oratory Skills

When you're standing up in court, you need to make sure you're oratory skills are on target. You can't come across as dry, argumentative, or monotone. You need to tell a story in a manner that captivates your jury, and makes them want to hang on every word you utter. A mock jury can help you with that. When you use a mock jury, you have the opportunity to work on your oratory skills. You get to find out firsthand what works with your delivery, and what needs some work.

Helps You Identify the Problem Spots

It's not always easy to identify the problems spots when you're putting your case together. In fact, you may look at your case and not see any problem spots at all. Unfortunately, the jury might, and once you go to court, it's too late to fix it. However, when you run your case past a mock jury, you'll have the opportunity to identify those problem spots because they're going to tell you right where they are. They'll let you know if you lost them at a certain point, or if your evidence simply wasn't enough to sway them. Once you head to court, you'll have had the opportunity to fix those problems spots so they won't be an issue when it counts.

Gives You Access to Immediate Feedback

After a jury reaches their verdict, they have an opportunity to provide feedback about the case. Unfortunately, once the trial is over, and the verdict has been reached, there's no going back to fix mistakes. That's why you need a mock jury. Your mock jury will provide you with immediate feedback. You won't need to wait until after the trial concludes to find out what you could have done differently to ensure a better outcome for your client.