Avoiding Gym Injuries

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Getting injured while trying to work out is frustratingly ironic, after all, the very motivation for going to the gym in the first place is to try to get healthy. You should know that your behavior in the gym can be directly linked to your relative safety. Read on to learn some gym safety tips and what to do if you do get injured.

Safe and courteous workout tips.

1. Workout equipment can get sweaty and covered with germs, so take advantage of the anti-bacterial wipes available at the gym (or bring your own) to wipe down the areas you touched on the equipment.

2. In most cases, 30 minutes of cardio is enough, particularly if the gym is packed and there are people waiting for you to get off the elliptical trainer. Cutting down to a reasonable time allows you more time to make use of the weights or to do some stretching, both part of a complete routine.

3. Phones are a handy way to add some tunes to your workout, but make sure you are not disturbing others with your cell phone conversations. Most gyms have rules about bothering other members with your cell phone. Step to the lobby for needed communications.

4. Re-rack those weights when you are finished. In fact, replacing the weights where they belong can become part of your workout. Putting your equipment back on the rack frees up the traffic areas and prevents trips and falls.

5. While on the subject of weights, don't just drop them. There is no need for that or for making loud grunting notices.

6. Be courteous of others who have less time to work out by allowing them to "work in" between your sets.

If you do get injured.

Even when obeying the rules above, gyms can be dangerous places and injuries do occur. Gym owners recognize this and attempt to keep injuries at a minimum by making rules to keep you safe. If you disobey a rule and get hurt, you are not likely to be able to sue the gym, since you are expected to use due care in gyms.

In some cases, however, the gym is negligent in some manner, leading to your injury. For example, if you get an infection from the hot tub that had an improper level of chlorine in it, the gym is negligent. No matter what disclaimer or waiver you signed when joining the gym, it should not be a bar to filling a lawsuit and getting compensated for an injury. If you have been injured while trying to work out, talk to a personal injury attorney.