Are You A Man Going Through A Divorce? Look At The Reasons You Should Ask For Alimony

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Going through a divorce can be one of the most intense and stressful circumstances you will go through in your life. If you are worried about how you will make it without your wife, you may be experiencing a much higher level of stress, especially if you still have children at home. Learn more about how you can rightfully ask for alimony from your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Determining Your Eligibility For Alimony

While it usually women asking for alimony, you should know that if you were the one that stayed home while your wife went to school and furthered her career, you could rightfully request alimony. This is especially true if you did not work, stayed home with the kids, and took care of the house and household related duties so your wife could work and increase her earning capabilities. If you helped finance your wife's education early in your marriage, even if you only earned money from cutting grass or from a low-paying minimum wage job, you could qualify for alimony. The court will look at your circumstances as you sacrificing your opportunities for getting an education and good job for being able to support yourself.

Looking Into The Future After Divorce

Even though you and your wife are splitting your property, you may end up selling your property to make ends meet, especially if you have kids at home to care for. While your wife may be ordered to pay child support, it may not be enough to also pay the mortgage, the power bill, and other utilities like water and phone. You may end up working at a low-paying job to help, but if you have kids, you might end paying more out for childcare services than you make. Your particular circumstances will be examined by the courts. Alimony is generally paid in one of three ways:

If you gave up the opportunities to get higher education and job training early in your marriage so your wife could pursue her career while you stayed home and raised your kids and cared for the home, you should discuss your options for alimony with your divorce attorney.