Foreign Refugees: How Immigration Counseling Lawyers Can Help You

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If you are one of thousands of refugees that have landed here in the U.S. in recent years, you may need a lot of help adjusting to things here. However, there are people that can help you. Some of the people and some of the states' governing representatives may prevent you from finding shelter here, and you should know that such behavior is not legal or tolerated. That is the reason that immigration counseling lawyers exist, and these special lawyers can help immigrants like yourselves in the following ways.

What Immigration Counseling Lawyers Do

These lawyers offer support for refugees and immigrants who do not know the language, customs, cultures or laws of the country. When you are confused, need help translating something, or you need legal help, these lawyers are the right people to ask for help. Some of the situations you may encounter include:

While you will not encounter all of the above in every place you go here in this country, you do need to know that these types of discrimination and refusals of service are not legal. You have a right to obtain these services since the President welcomed you here. Any U.S. citizen that blatantly refuses to assist you or receive you because they do not agree with the President's actions may be going against the law, and he or she could be prosecuted in court. If you feel that you are a victim of discrimination just because you are a foreign refugee, then the immigration counseling lawyers can help you and help resolve your disputes with those that may have wronged you.

Where the Counseling Part Becomes Important

Additionally, these lawyers act as advisors. If you feel lost, frustrated, confused, or hurt, counseling lawyers like those at Kriezelman Burton & Associates can help define the situation for you and help you decide what you want and need to do next. Typically, these specialty lawyers understand that you have been through something very traumatic, and now you have to adjust to a new country, new laws, new expectations and a new way of life. They can talk with you and listen to your concerns and then help you decide what it is you need to do next in order to acclimate to your newer, safer life in the U.S.