You Have The Right To Defend Yourself -- And A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

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If you've been in a car accident that wasn't your fault, chances are you're going to face more than a little pressure to accept less money for injuries than you need. If you have a really good insurance agent and company, they won't let the other person's car insurance agency get away with underpaying you. But sometimes, for whatever reason, an insurance company might not seem to be helping you that much. In that case, you have the right to defend yourself against pressure tactics meant to save the other guy money, and a car accident attorney can help you.

When Total Damages Are Unknown

Obviously, after an accident, you'll have car repair bills and medical bills if you were injured. Sometimes the injuries are subtle and can take a while to show up, and other times, the injuries require long-term treatment. If the other person's insurance agency tries to settle with you and give you a lump sum in return for no other charges against that person's policy, you have to be sure that the amount will be adequate to cover whatever comes up.

A car accident attorney can help you evaluate the settlement offer and see how it would stack up against your potential medical bills. There is also the attorney's fee to think about, so your settlement really needs to be enough to cover that and any taxes as well. If the settlement offer seems good, your attorney can advise you on how best to agree to it.

If it isn't good, then the attorney can either negotiate for a higher settlement or take the case to court. The attorney will know exactly what is needed to show that your request is valid. Medical bills, the police report, and other assorted paperwork can all help your case, and the attorney can put that all together into a package for either the insurance company or the court.

When Things Get out of Hand

Your attorney can also advise you regarding attempts by the other person and their agents and lawyers to contact you directly. If the case gets to that point, where you're experiencing major pressure to accept the other party's offer, the attorney can step in with legal restrictions to get you some peace and quiet.

If you think you need legal help due to a car accident, contact an attorney who specializes in car cases immediately. He or she can guide you through the entire process so that you get the best possible settlement or award.

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