Dispelling Two False Notions About Social Security Benefits

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Social Security has become one of the most popular government programs that is currently available, and this should be no surprise given the numerous benefits that are available through Social Security. However, this is a program that is often misunderstood by people, and this can lead them to make the mistake of believing that a couple of common myths are true. By learning the truth behind the following two notions about Social Security, you will be better able to utilize this program to address your needs. 

Myth: Social Security Is Only For Retired Individuals

There is a common idea that Social Security benefits are only available to those that are old enough to retire. While it is true that these are the primary benefits that are administered under this program, there are a host of others as well. For example, if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a disabling injury or illness, disability benefits are usually administered through the Social Security program. 

However, it should be noted that individuals must have contributed to Social Security in the form of taxes for a minimum number of years to qualify for these benefits. The exact requirements vary depending on the benefits in question. 

Myth: A Recommendation From Your Doctor Is Always Sufficient For Disability

Many of those that are filing for disability benefits may assume that they will only need to provide a recommendation from their doctor and a copy of their medical records. While these documents are certainly needed for a successful disability filing, providing them is not the only step that you will need to do during this process. 

For example, the courts and Social Security Administration will likely require to you undergo an evaluation by their own professionals, and these individuals will prepare a separate opinion that will be considered alongside your doctor's.In addition to the additional medical evaluations, you will also need to go through a special hearing where you will be questioned by a panel of specialists. Due to these hurdles, this process can be very intimidating to go through, but if you retain the services of an experienced attorney, they will be able to help guide you through this process until your case is resolved. 

Social Security is a sprawling government benefits program that encompasses a variety of topics. Due to this complexity, some people make the mistake of assuming some myths are true, which can cause them to make errors when it comes to filing for these benefits. Dispelling these notions should help you to make smart choices in your interactions with the Social Security Administration.

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