3 Ways An Employment Law Attorney Can Assist You

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When it comes to many work-related issues, you may need to rely on the advice of an employment law attorney like Goldberg Katzman PC. This is a legal specialist who can assist you with many of the problems that may occur on the job. Here are a few specific problems with which an employment law attorney can help you:

Sexual harassment

It is illegal for your boss or co-workers to sexually harass you. There are a variety of methods in which this may be accomplished, and these are listed below:

1. Inappropriate touching – Have you ever been touched by a person at work when you'd prefer not to have been? This could be a gentle gesture or a brasher one, but either way would be identified as being sexually harassed if this is against your wishes.

2.  Explicit emails – Did you just log in to your computer and noticed you had received an email full of sexual comments? If so, this can be both shocking and something you shouldn't have to see.

3.  Verbal abuse – Having to endure sexual, verbal communication when you don't want to can be conceived as sexual harassment and may allow you to file a legal action.

It is important to have evidence before bringing this type of harassment case against another individual.

Breach of contract

Typically, when you begin employment with any company, you will need to sign a contractual agreement. This may be a simple or a complex one; in either case, it will state the terms and conditions of your employment with a specific company.

Listed below are items that are usually included in an agreement of this type:

1. The amount of money you will be paid per hour

2. The number of hours you should work per week

3. Your job description, which should be listed on the employment contract

4. Other pertinent information, such as additional responsibilities you may have

If this contract is broken by your employer, you may be able to take action.


The loss of a job can have a dramatic impact on your financial situation. Your employer must complete the necessary amount of paperwork that will identify the reason you are being let go.

If there is not a valid reason for your termination, you employer can legally be held accountable.

Dealing with problems at work is never ideal, but you do have legal rights. Be sure to retain the services of an employment law attorney who can discuss your rights with you and help you know what your legal options are.