Don't Feel Intimidated About Contacting A Car Accident Lawyer

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You're unhappy about the settlement offer you received from the at-fault driver's insurance company, but you're hesitant to start taking legal action. You're worried because you don't know much about the legal system. You're concerned that the lawyer will have a negative opinion of your situation. In addition, you're embarrassed to ask about legal fees since you don't have much money. Don't feel intimidated at the idea of consulting a car accident lawyer. These attorneys want to help. 

Aspects That May Feel Intimidating

If you feel like you're just an ordinary person and dealing with lawyers is out of your comfort zone, rest assured that personal injury lawyers have many clients who are a lot like you. Face the factors that make you feel intimidated and learn why you don't need to be anxious about seeking assistance.

You Can't Afford Attorney Fees

It's perfectly reasonable to ask what someone charges for their services, and asking a lawyer is no exception. You'll be relieved to learn that personal injury lawyers typically don't charge upfront fees. Instead, when you receive your settlement, your lawyer accepts a percentage of that amount. Before you hire this attorney, the two of you will discuss that percentage and what it means in dollars and cents. 

In addition, your initial consultation with the lawyer is free. 

You Don't Know Anything About Legal Matters

That's no problem. Once you hire your attorney, you can focus on your own life and let your lawyer handle negotiating with the insurance company. 

You Were Partially to Blame for the Accident

Nearly all states weigh comparative negligence, or the percentage of fault for each driver. That means if the other driver was mostly to blame, you still deserve a certain amount of compensation. That amount would be lower, however, than if you were entirely blameless. 

You Don't Want to Go to Trial

Your lawyer probably doesn't want to go to court either, and neither does the insurance company. A large majority of personal injury cases settle outside of court because none of the people involved want to bring the case to trial. Litigation takes a great deal of time and effort, and it's expensive. Also, nobody knows what a jury might decide. 

Concluding Thoughts

The attorney you consult will ask you several questions and determine whether the settlement you've already been offered is reasonable or not. He or she can provide a sound estimate on the amount you are likely to receive after negotiations. Then you'll be ready to decide whether to hire a lawyer like Allison & Rickards, Attorneys at Law, LLC or accept the money that's on the table now.